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Myths About Modern Fire Sprinkler Systems

The installation of a fire sprinkler system can be one of the most effective and important safety improvements that you make to your house. While adding a fire sprinkler system will be able to significantly reduce the risk of the property being lost to a fire, it will still require a homeowner to have a reasonable level of understanding about these systems. Otherwise, they may not appreciate the benefits that fire sprinklers provide or they may overestimate the potential problems that can arise with these systems.

Myth: Fire Sprinklers Are Only Effective Against Raging Whole-Building Fires

One common assumption about fire sprinkler systems is that they are only effective institutions where there is a very large whole-building fire. In reality, fire sprinkler systems can be the most effective when fires are still relatively small or isolated to a single room. This can allow the sprinklers to fully extinguish the flames before they are able to spread to other parts of the structure.

Myth: A Fire Sprinkler System Will Be Simple To Install On Your Own

While installing a fire sprinkler system will not require major structural changes to the building, these systems can still be somewhat difficult to install. This is due to the need to install piping that can supply the sprinkler heads with water when they activate. Furthermore, positioning the sprinkler heads can be another important consideration as you will want to be sure that they are able to provide comprehensive coverage of the room. Otherwise, there may be a section of the room that will not be protected by the sprinkler systems, and if a fire were to start in this area, it could still be able to spread despite the sprinkler system activating.

Myth: Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Extremely Prone To Leaking

The belief that fire sprinkler systems will be at a much higher risk of developing leaks can be a common assumption that homeowners may make. This can lead to them being worried that installing fire sprinklers will greatly increase the risk of their property suffering extensive water damage. Yet, these systems are designed so that they will be extremely resistant to leaking. This is accomplished by minimizing the number of joints and connections in the tubing that supplies the sprinklers while also having seals to help prevent leaks from developing in any joints that are required. As a result of these features, you can generally expect there to be a fairly low risk of the fire sprinkler system developing a leak.

For more information on fire sprinkler systems, reach out to a fire safety company near you.