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In the Biz and Beyond You're a business owner. That means everything ultimately falls on your shoulders, from placing the orders to making sure clients are happy with their services. Sometimes, this starts to feel like a lot. You might feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like there's no time for you to relax. But even when you own a business, there should be room for work-life balance. This website is a place where you can learn more about smart business strategies and business ownership in general. We won't promise to make your life easier, but we do think that if you implement what you learn, things can only get easier.

Posted on: 10 August 2020
If you're an amateur dressage rider who ultimately wants to move on to the professional circuit, then you need a great horse. German dressage horses are well-rated, both for amateurs and professionals, so buying one of these horses could help you create the pa

Posted on: 22 June 2020
The installation of a fire sprinkler system can be one of the most effective and important safety improvements that you make to your house. While adding a fire sprinkler system will be able to significantly reduce the risk of the property being lost to a fire,